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Spray Tans are a great for any event or holiday.

Who else agrees they feel and look 5 kilos lighter after getting a spray tan ? 

We use the following Tanning Solutions in our Salon in a variety of Colours.

Moroccan Tan - Techno Tan - Eco Tan - Bondi Sands 

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Spray Tans - $35

Pack of 5 Tans - $150

We also Stock Moroccan Tan Home Tanning Products in Salon.

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  • Wax 24 hours (or more) before your appointment. as wax can stay on the skin and make it difficult for the tan solution to hold. 

  • Shave, and exfoliate at least 24 hours before your appointment to give your pores time to close 

  • Shower at least a few hours before your appointment, If your skin is wet & your pores are exposed the spray tan formula will not stick to your skin properly leaving you with a patchy discoloured tan. Finish off your shower with a cold rinse to close your pores.

  • Complete all other beauty services first, like nails, waxing, facials, and massages.

  • Come to your appointment with clean skin, Moisturisers, makeup , deodorant prevent the spray tan formula from sticking to your skin. Deodorant residue leaves you with green armpits as the spray tan is applied.


  • Most ladies tan nude to avoid the tan lines but of course its fine to wear your swimmers, or underwear what ever you feel comfortable in wearing. If you prefer a tan line, we recommend a thin gstring. We provide disposable female gstrings..

  • Most people spray tan without a bra, but if you must wear one, we recommend a strapless bra or bandeau.

  • Bring loose-fitting dark clothes to change into immediately after your spray tan. No denim, no yoga pants, no tight bras or underwear.


  • The key to extending colour is to preserve the recently bronzed, top layer of skin as long possible. Your routine and habits determine the length of the time it will last.

  • DO NOT take long hot showers or baths. It will fade your colour extremely fast. Instead, keep your showers luke warm and keep them to only a few minutes. Stay away from heavy body scrubs, harsh soaps and cleansers. Use a ph balanced mild soap or body wash. Always pat dry.

  • Keep your facial routine as simple as possible. The more you scrub, the more toners, cleansers, etc you use, the faster it will fade.

  • Avoid using heavy oils on the skin like coconut oil or baby oil until the colour is ready to come off completely. Ensure that the lotion you use is as natural and organic as possible, which means it will include no mineral oil or oils at all.

  • The more you shave, the faster the colour fades so keep shaving to a minimum. We know it’s hard, but keep your hands off your hot self. No leg crossing or other skin to skin contact

  • Avoid tight clothing the first few days when possible (especially skinny jeans and tight, strappy shoes). Denim is a stiff material that can cause the legs to fade faster than they normally should. Another example, tight sports bras worn daily can cause some fading along strap lines. Always wear socks with sneakers or boots.

  • Avoid Pools & Spas as they will also shorten the life of your tan.