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Enjoy one of our amazing Foot Treatments to remove Dry and Rough Skin.  This treatment will leave your feet feeling baby soft, includes Foot Treatment, Foot and Leg Scrub, Towel Cleanse, Foot and Leg Massage finished off with Gel Polish and Cuticle Oil

This Treatment is a must to put your list of Pampering !

We use awarding Young Nails Products for all our Nail and Acrylic Nails Services

Fingers & Toes
Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 3.09.49 pm.png

Full Set of Acrylic Nails                                            $65

Infills                                                                          $45

Repairs                                                                       $5

Buff & Polish with Gel Polish                                   $30

Buff & Polish with Gel Polish ( Toes & Feet )         $55

Manicure                                                                 $55

Pedicure                                                                  $65

Foot Treatment                                                       $70

Foot Massage - 15 Mins                                          $20

Foot Massage 30 Mins                                           $35

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