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Anti Ageing

No one wants to Celebrate Ageing, with Fine Lines & Wrinkles..

We believe at Sanctuary Skin & Beauty that there are options to treat your ageing skin rather

than lining up for Botox

Radio Frequency ( RF) Anti Ageing Treatment

Radio frequency is a non invasive treatment that tightens skin through stimulating the production of collagen. Collagen is what gives skin it’s firmness.

This Treatment includes facial cleanse, radio frequency treatment and application of anti ageing serum.

Full Face                                 $79

Neck                                        $69

Face & Neck                           $99

Microcurrent Treatments

Microcurrent  works by delivering an electrical current to muscles and skin cells. The idea behind this is that the electrical current will build up muscles in the face, lifting and tightening the skin. Mircocurrent plays an important roles in the skin appearance by supporting the skin by building muscle to stop the sagging of skin.

Who should not use microcurrent?

These contraindications are specific to microcurrent: epilepsy, pregnancy, heart conditions, pacemaker, metal plates or pins, excessive fillings or bridgework, cancer within the last 2 years, thrombosis, diabetes, recent Botox or fillers

A microcurrent facial uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate the facial muscles, creating a lifting, toning effect on the skin. The treatment is painless . "The muscles on the face start going south, just like everything else. We have to keep it fit. So, we use current to stimulate the muscle, starting low then increasing gradually until you have the firmness you would like.

Full Face                                 $79

Neck                                        $59

Face & Neck                           $99

HydraFacial - is an ultra-hydrating process for the skin that uses hydradermabrasion to create beautifully clear, soft skin in only one treatment. What is unique about it is that it can cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin without hurting the individual and without creating redness or irritation following the procedure. Plus, it infuses the skin with antioxidants, peptides and serums that produce long-lasting effects that begin immediately and rejuvenates the skin. Great Treatment for Wrinkles & Fine Lines & Pigmentation

BASIC Package includes Cleanse and Hydra Treatment $99

DELUXE Package includes LED Therapy and Peel $149

Peel Pick Me Up Facial

We love making a difference to the way people feel about themselves. Peels can range from mild to very strong depending on your skin needs and the depth of the problem area to which is treated.  This Treatment is great for Anti Ageing, Pigmentation or a great pick me up.

Double Cleanse, Exfoliation Mask, Head Massage, Steam, Hot Towel Cleanse, Mircodermabarsion, Peel, LED, Foot Massage, Hydration Mask, Application of Organic Skin Care Products 1 Hour & 20 Minutes $149

Lymphatic Drainage - Skin Tightening Facial

This Facial will Lift, Tone & Drain. We all hold extra Fluid in our Face, this Facial will not only change the shape of your face by removing unwanted fluid it will also lift and Tighten.

Starting with a Double Clean, Exfoliation Mask ,Hot Towel Cleanse, Rf/Vacuum treatment, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Botox Mask, Hot Towel Cleanse, Application of Organic Products. This Treatment also includes a take home Skin Needling roller with Instructions on how to tighten and life your skin at home with proven results!!

1 Hour & 20 mins $149

We recommend any of the above facials done every 4 - 6 weeks over a 6 Months period to obtain amazing results. 

Consistency is the key to getting results !

Radio Frequency treatments are recommend weekly or fortnightly to obtain best Results! A Session of 6 Treatments is recommended to obtain the best results.


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